The Oxford English Dictionary Has Added Lots Of New Canna-Vocabulary

Since the mid-19th century, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has been the authoritative historical dictionary of the English language. The comprehensive tome is always adding words to reflect the development of the language, so it’s no surprise that it’s finally getting around to words involving cannabis.

As a recent piece in the Los Angeles Times points out, several weed-related words have been added to the OED in its most recent update.

Specifically, the word ‘cannabis’ now has several sub-entries which reflect the new world of legal weed. "Cannabis cafe", "cannabis dispensary", "cannabis edible", "cannabis industry" and "cannabis shop" are now in the OED.

Brand new words added to the dictionary include “cannabusiness” ("The branch of commercial activity concerned with the production and sale of cannabis or cannabis-related products…”) and “cannabutter” (“Butter infused with cannabis, used as an ingredient in cannabis edibles such as cookies and brownies.”).

In addition, the sub-entries for ‘coffee shop’ now include an Amsterdam-style definition of "a cafe or similar establishment where cannabis is sold, smoked, or consumed”. “Skunk” now contains a sub-definition for stinky weed, and there’s a new sense added for “skunked” (“Drunk, intoxicated. In later use also: under the influence of marijuana”).

Strangely, cannabis also makes an appearance in the senses of use for “grasshopper” - specifically, "a person who smokes marijuana, esp. habitually; a marijuana user or addict”.

Has anyone used this term before, like, ever? Please let us know in the comments if you have.

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