The Oklahoma Health Department Begins Preparing For Medical Marijuana

Next month Oklahoma voters will be heading to the polls to decide if medical marijuana should be brought to their state. The State Department of Health, not wanting to be left behind, has started planning for legalizationjust in case it does pass.

If voters act in favor of Question 788 medical marijuana will be coming to Oklahoma. The proposed legislation would allow some patients over the age of 18 to receive cannabis prescriptions from their general practitioner. It would allow for both possession of small amounts of marijuana as well as the ability to grow up to 6 plants for personal use.

And although the vote hasn't come yet the Oklahoma State Department of Health isn't losing any time preparing for the possibility that the ballot question will be passed. The Department has already begun drafting potential regulations and released a list of answers to common questions which you can find below:

  • When will applications be available if SQ 788 passes? – The department has 30 days to make the application available after the election.
  • Where will the application be available? – There will be a link to the application on the department’s website.
  • Who will be in charge of approving medical marijuana licenses? – The department will create a regulatory office to oversee the program. This office will receive all licensing applications related to medical marijuana including patients, growers, distributors, transporters and dispensaries. In total, there are eight groups that would be subject to the application process.
  • How much does a patient medical marijuana license cost? Oklahomans 18-years-old and older would need to get a physician’s signature attesting that they need medical marijuana. Licenses would cost $100 and need to be renewed every two years. For Oklahomans on Medicaid, Medicare or SoonerCare, medical marijuana licenses would cost $20.
  • What is the process for producers and distributors to obtain licensing? Individual applicants must be at least 25-years-old, reside in Oklahoma and must be registered to conduct business in the state in order to apply as a commercial grower, distributor, transporter or a dispensary. Entities can have outside ownership consisting of no more than 25 percent ownership by non-Oklahoma residents. Each license would cost $2,500.
  • Could SQ 788 be changed by the Legislature after it is passed by the voters? – Yes, it is a statutory rather than constitutional measure, meaning lawmakers could amend the law with a simple majority vote.


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