The NYPD Is Furious About This Video Of Two Guys Weighing Weed On A Squad Car

The NYPD is furious about a recent video showing two men weighing cannabis on a squad car. The creator of the video says it was all in fun, but police say it proves that people have very little respect for officers.

An Instagram video posted Friday shows two men dealing weed on an NYPD police cruiser outside of Bushwick playground on Brooklyn's Knickerbocker Ave. Police condemned the post soon afterward.

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Police have condemned the video, calling it a brazen act of disrespect.

"This is an all time low," a high-ranking NYPD officer told New York Daily News. "The department has to step up now. They're selling drugs on the back of a police car!"

However, David Jiminez, who was credited with shooting the video, says it was all for the sake of humor and not intended to be a shot at the police.

"Someone was killed in the park a few days prior and everyone was uptight about it, so I thought it would be a good way to break the ice," said Jiminez. "I wasn't disrespecting anyone. I appreciate everything the NYPD does for the good of the community."

Jiminez insists that the stunt wasn't illegal either since no money was exchanged in the clip, and cannabis possession has been decriminalized in New York state. But police haven't ruled out the possibility of pursuing charges.

“The incident is under investigation,” said an NYPD spokesperson. Regardless of the result, it's safe to say relations between cannabis consumers and police in the Big Apple will be strained since the NYPD doesn't appreciate being the butt of a pot joke.


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