The New Massachusetts Marijuana PSAs Are Surprisingly Friendly

It seems like the time might be up for hilariously bad, overdramatic drug PSAs. Massachusetts is ushering in a new era for reasonable, responsibly-minded public service announcements which strike a friendlier, less judgmental tone.

The state’s latest campaign, entitled "More About Marijuana," kicked off Thursday with the release of two 30-second animated videos on their website.

The videos, which feature happy, responsible-looking adult characters drawn in a pleasant, non-threatening way, demonstrate safe storing practices and advice on how to discuss the topic of cannabis use with children.

This is a far cry from fried eggs and stoner sloths.

Developed by the state Cannabis Control Commission and the Department of Public Health, The Boston Globe reports that the campaign was developed by actually listening to people, polling surveys and focus groups about various aspects of marijuana law.

Getting away from stereotypes and baseless scare tactics, PSAs can stop the spread of misinformation and encourage responsible use in a practical way.

So the question is, how will the rest of the country begin to treat the topic of adult recreational use in a more sensible, forward-thinking way? You, Massachusetts. We’ll learn it by watching you.


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