The New Brunswick Government Wants To Make You Lock Up Your Cannabis

New Brunswickers may be required to lock up their cannabis when at home if proposed legislation goes through.

Provincial lawmakers say the legislation is aimed at keeping young people from accessing cannabis.

“For people here in New Brunswick who have guns in their houses, it’s locked. It’s their responsibility. This will be the same thing,” said Denis Landry, New Brunswick’s justice and public safety minister.

Under the new law, any cannabis in the home would have to be stored in a locked container or room. The legislation would also require people growing cannabis to secure their operation.

“We are serious about keeping children and youth safe and having those products out of their hands,” said New Brunswick Health Minister Benoît Bourque.

“In terms of enforcement…like every law, there are ways to enforce them. There are also some challenges but we will go ahead.”

In New Brunswick, adults over 19 will be permitted to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis, but recreational use will be banned in public places. Those under 19 will not be permitted to cultivate, purchase, possess or consume cannabis or supplies for smoking/vaping cannabis. They will also be forbidden from entering a cannabis retail store – even with an adult.

The Province of New Brunswick is also in the midst of altering its Motor Vehicle Act in the lead-up to cannabis legalization. Their proposed sanctions include immediate short-term roadside suspensions, participation in a “re-education course” for drug-impaired drivers, and zero tolerance for new drivers and those under 21.

Drivers pulled over for suspected cannabis impairment will face three tests: a roadside saliva test, a coordination test, and a drug recognition evaluation.

h/t Global News


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