'The Mummy' Is Being Rebooted - We Know Which Monster Should Be Next

Tarzan. Robocop. Ben-Hur. Hollywood can't get enough of reboots and remakes. Now Universal Pictures is literally raising one of its oldest, dustiest franchises from the dead: The Mummy. 

The film, scheduled to hit theatres in June 2017, is Universal's bid to start an extended cinematic universe, à la Marvel, around its stable of classic movie monsters, including Frankenstein, Dracula and more. Will it succeed? Here's a taste:

CGI-fuelled destruction? Check. Inception-style BWOMMMMMP sounds? Check. Tom Cruise running? Double-check. Maybe I'm too jaded, but it looks like every big-budget PG-13 American action movie from the last few years. 

Either way, we're dying to know if they have any plans for the cruelly underrated Creature From The Black Lagoon. Perhaps when he/she/it gets its inevitable remake, the filmmakers can use this clip as inspiration:



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