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The Most Popular Ways to Smoke Weed

These days weed can be consumed in an increasing variety of ways, from an ever-growing range of edible recipes, to pills and tinctures and topical oils. But even with all of these new developments, the majority of people still tend to prefer a good puff. So what are the most popular ways to smoke weed?

There are no hard numbers on this, but several methods certainly rank among the most common. In no particular order…

Rolling it up
Whether we’re talking about the classic joint, the European-influence of the spliff, or a behemoth of a blunt, rolling up your weed is a go-to classic. Not only is it highly portable and shareable, but there’s something traditionally-cool about smoking a doobie.

Put it in a pipe
Pipes will probably always remain a popular weed smoking method due to their simplicity. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than this – put weed in pipe, smoke. Enjoy.

Bubble, bubble
Perhaps just as iconic as the joint is the bong. Not only can a bong be a work of art, but there is no method that will deliver a brain-blasting high quite as effectively. And these days with dabbing and other add-on tools making the bong more versatile, it’s getting even more stoner-love.

Also worth mentioning under this section is the bubbler. Perhaps not as common, a smaller handheld bubbler is still a popular choice due to their portability, concealability, and artistic potential.

Vaporizers have been around for decades in their tabletop variety, but they really came to the forefront when the portable handheld type was invented. Today people love “vapes” for their discretion, portability, health benefits, tech-novelty, and smooth smoke.

Honorable mention: the hookah
While hookahs aren’t as common as any of the methods listed above, it is undeniable that people love them when they get the opportunity to use them. In some ways, the multi-hose hookah is the perfect weed-smoking device as it allows several people to smoke at once – and smoking weed is certainly a group activity that brings friends together.


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