The Most Gruesome Parasites - NTD's Explained

When you hear the word "parasite," fleas, ticks and maybe tapeworms are the first things that come to mind. But getting rid of those pests is a walk in the park compared to Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD's). These organisms can have debilitating effects on us. And some crawled right out of your nightmares -- like the worm that grows up to a meter long inside its host.

But the good news is that the pharmaceutical industry is working to permanently eradicate ten NTD's. And one of them -- the giant worm -- is already on the verge of extinction thanks to the work outline in this video.


Our galaxy will seem a lot smaller in the near future as space tourism emerges as a new sector in the travel industry. But as companies begin booking passengers for extra-terrestrial flights, they will also have to sort out what you can and can't legally do in outer space - whether that involves mining gold from an asteroid or smoking a joint on the moon. That's where experts like Frans von der Dunk come in.

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