The Most Gruesome Parasites - NTD's Explained

When you hear the word "parasite," fleas, ticks and maybe tapeworms are the first things that come to mind. But getting rid of those pests is a walk in the park compared to Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD's). These organisms can have debilitating effects on us. And some crawled right out of your nightmares -- like the worm that grows up to a meter long inside its host.

But the good news is that the pharmaceutical industry is working to permanently eradicate ten NTD's. And one of them -- the giant worm -- is already on the verge of extinction thanks to the work outline in this video.


'South Park' is well known for satirizing pretty much everything happening in current pop culture, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Last week, the popular adult cartoon released a satirical ad for their fictional cannabis brand, Tegridy Farms. The mock brand was originally introduced in a 'South Park' episode that aired last October on the same day that Canada moved to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. The new Tegridy Farms ad takes shots at the current landscape of the cannabis industry by claiming that it's being run by "a bunch of young corporate banker types" who pretend to be interested in repairing the wrongs done by the War on Drugs, but they're really only interested in making "an easy buck for themselves." "Fuck those guys," says the video's narrator.

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