This Is the Most Beautiful Restaurant in Japan and Possibly the World

Kyoto Kitcho is one of the most expensive and respected restaurants in the world, nestled in Arashiyama, Japan. The restaurant is also one of the most beautiful restaurants in Japan and quite possibly the world because as the Executive Chef Kunio Tokuoka says, “There is a special feeling in the air which is distinct to Kyoto.The mountains, the rivers, and nature, the distinctive features of the landscape, as well as the townscape are all united in this valley.”

In order to get inside Kyoto Kitcho, guests must lower their heads to the people inside, which helps create a dining experience to be closer to others. Guests can go to the Tea Room to experience this closeness, where they can make friends and share their feelings. Outside the restaurant is surrounded by gardens that were built to blend in with nature, so guests can look past the fence around it to see the mountains and sky. Diners can only experience this view at Kyoto Kitcho.


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