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The Man Behind Jelly Belly Is Launching a New Cannabis-Infused Candy

When it comes to cannabis-infused candies, the first things that come to mind are chocolate bars and gummi bears. But one famous candy maker is hoping to change that by introducing a line of cannabis-infused jelly beans.

You might not know David Klein by name, but you most certainly know his popular sweets. Back in 1976, Klein invented Jelly Belly - the highly popular (and profitable) brand of jelly beans. Klein sold the rights to the Jelly Belly name back in 1980s, but now he wants to revisit the candy that made him famous by creating jelly beans that are infused with the non-intoxicating cannabis compound CBD, which he thinks the marijuana market is sorely lacking.

"I said to myself, 'is anybody doing a jelly bean with CBD?'" Klein told Cannabis Aficionado. "I could not find any."

So he decided to fill that gap in the market by creating Spectrum Confectioneries, which produces CBD-infused jelly beans that come in dozens of flavors. 

"Toasted marshmallow, piña colada, strawberry cheesecake—which is one of my favorites," Klein said. "Our mango tastes more like mango than mango does."

But aside from tickling the consumer's tastebuds, Klein believes his jelly beans also promote responsible cannabis consumption giving consumers more control over their dosages of cannabis.

"The jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage, we are putting 10 ml in each [bean]. If people want a small dose, they eat one. If they want 20 ml, they can eat two. They can decide what their proper dosage is."

Candy lovers might be disappointed that Spectrum Confectioneries doesn't offer jelly beans infused with cannabis' intoxicating compound THC, but they should direct their frustration at the federal government instead of Klein. Working with THC is extremely difficult since it's still prohibited at the federal level, whereas CBD is much more manageable after Congress legalized hemp last December. However, Klein believes the US isn't too far out from full cannabis legalization, so we might be seeing THC beans in the near future.

"About two years from now, everybody is going to laugh at how long it took to get there," he added.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


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