The Longer You're at the DMV

We all understand that the DMV is never the place to be. In fact, I drove by the DMV just yesterday and it was decidedly not a place anyone wanted to be, according to the faces of the people who were there. And I know this because the line went out the door and wrapped around the building. It's a wonder we as humans still put up with this inefficiency, but I guess that's what happens when you only have to go to a place once or twice a year. Like the dentist, only with more waiting and more pain. 

longer dmv2


President Trump's 2020 budget request includes a loophole that would let Washington, DC finally open up dispensaries for recreational cannabis. Although DC voters passed a ballot initiative to legalize recreational cannabis back in 2014, Congress has used its power over the nation's capital to prevent it from selling cannabis for recreational use. Right now, local dispensaries can only sell medical marijuana to registered patients thanks to Congress, which controls spending in the District of Columbia.

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