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Listen to Tommy Chong Share Legendary Stories From the Set of 'Up In Smoke'

Cannabis and comedy podcast WEED + GRUB just released a freewheeling interview with the legendary Tommy Chong.

Celebrating 40 years of Up In Smoke, Tommy Chong sat down with Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson, co-hosts of WEED + GRUB, to share stories from behind the scenes of the iconic stoner film, and get real about what’s changed—and what hasn’t—since 1978.

Chilling at his Los Angeles home with his dogs “the Yaps-a-lottas”—who become "the Shits-a-lottas" after they eat, he chuckles—Chong doesn’t hold back in the wide-ranging interview, dunking on Trump and his White House administration, U.S. immigration policy, and the prison-industrial complex. Trump being in power is a "divine move," Chong says. "You can't clean a swamp unless you know what the swamp animals look like." Now, Chong believes we can see "who the real people are, the bad people are. You see them. [Trump] has brought them all out."

And Trump is mired in trouble of his own making, says Chong. "He confesses on Twitter every day."

Tommy shares stories from his time in the Taft Correctional Institution, where he served nine months for selling bongs. According to Chong, the greatest socialist system in the United States is the prison system: "When I was in jail, there were people that committed crimes, to get into the federal system, to get a heart transplant. Which they couldn't get on the outside. They couldn't afford it." On the inside, he says, it's mandated by federal law that they receive medical care. "There were at least one or two heart operations in Taft while I was there."

Chong breaks down how he spent his time in prison serving time for bongs and came up with his book, The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint. "I turned it into a spiritual retreat. The only thing they allow you to do is practice your religion. So I hung with the Catholics for a while, I hung with the Jews for a while, the Buddhists—and then I ended up with the Indian Sweat Lodge Society."

He dishes about getting high while he and Cheech Marin were filming Up In Smoke. While he and Cheech mostly hit their marks, they did have a few on-camera moments when they were too high to perform. And Tommy serves up the backstory behind the iconic “Dave’s Not Here” sketch.

Best of all, Tommy shares his advice for making everything better—both in comedy, and in life.

Check out the latest episode of WEED + GRUB for an unrestrained, funny, wide-ranging interview with the godfather of cannabis comedy!

WEED + GRUB is available everywhere: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio. Visit New episodes every Wednesday (ahem, Weedsday)!

The GRAMMY Museum exhibit Cheech & Chong: Still Rollin'—Celebrating 40 Years Of Up In Smoke is on display through April 20, 2019. Visit for more information.


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