'The Last OG' Star Tracy Morgan Reveals Who His Biggest OG Is

'The Last OG' star Tracy Morgan stopped by 'The Tonight Show' yesterday to define what an OG is.

"An OG is an old-timer who's got a lot of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. And he's blessing you with it because he sees you're worthy of it," Morgan told fellow 'Saturday Night Live' alumnus Jimmy Fallon"The baddest OG in the galaxy was Ben Kenobi. An OG is someone who tells you to go to the Dagobah System."

Morgan added that his Obi-Wan was his mentor at 30 Rock.

"Lorne Michaels was my OG," he added. "He gave me a shot. Gave me an opportunity. Put the batteries in my back."

And that's what Morgan's trying to do for young Brooklynites as the reformed drug dealer Tray in 'The Last OG,' which was co-created by Jordan Peele and premieres tonight on TBS. Hopefully Tray doesn't try to buy keyboards for crack like Morgan did during the 'Tonight Show' chat. Check it out as well as the trailer for 'The Last OG' below.


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