The Isle Of Man Could Become The First British Isle To Decriminalize Marijuana

While marijuana continues to be illegal throughout the UK, the Isle of Man is looking into decriminalization of the substance reports Huffington Post. The move would make the self-governing region the first area of the British Isles to do decriminalize cannabis.

The Manx government will be conducting a review of it's drug policies in the coming months. That decision came after the Isle's police chief, Gary Roberts, noted in his most recent report that 208 more crimes have been committed this year over last, with 115 of them being drug offenses.

"Almost all simple possession of cannabis," Roberts said, adding that his officers "routinely found cannabis when dealing with young people."

Advocates hope that decriminalization on the Isle of Man could lead to broader changes across the UK. But that probably won't happen on Prime Minister Theresa May's watch. "It is right that we continue to fight the war against drugs," she said recently.

Those remarks quickly drew fire from advocates who lambasted May's outdated approach to drug policy.

"Theresa May’s commitment to drug war policy looks quite frankly medieval as we slip ever further behind more modern, evidence-based measures being adopted elsewhere,' said Danny Kushlick of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted last autumn found that 98.5 percent of Britons supported legalizing marijuana in some form. Those supporters include rocker Mick Jagger, who has actually suggested doing a trial run for drug reform on the Isle of Man. 

"You should try the legalization of all drugs on the Isle of Man and see what happens," Jagger told Larry King back in 2010.

h/t Huffington Post


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