The Hit List: Here are the Most Compelling Cannabis Accessories on Today's Market

From greeting cards to luxury ashtrays, the market for cannabis accessories is expanding as the stigma surrounding the plant dissipates. Willy Christie, a cannabis consultant at Cannary West dispensary in Los Angeles, talks us through some of the most compelling accessories on the market. Whether you want to wish someone a happy birthday with a joint attached to the card, or you're looking to cover up the smell of cannabis with some palo santo, there's no lack of ways to embellish your cannabis lifestyle. 


US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the biggest risk to your health in America is stigma. During a lecture at UC Davis Medical School on Monday, Adams took sometime to talk about what he sees as the biggest health crisis in America right now: stigma. In particular, the public sentiments around addiction and drug use cause huge barriers that often mean people don't get the medical attention they need.

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