The History of Marijuana in Nova Scotia

Canada expects to legalize all forms of marijuana across the country by Canada Day on July 1, 2018. The country is still waiting on the legislation, but individual provinces will be able to practice their own cannabis laws. Nova Scotia is included, though it isn’t the marijuana capital of Canada, some say that the cannabis history in Canada is rooted in the providence because it has a history with the drug dating back to 1606.

In 1606, the first cannabis crop was planted in Nova Scotia by Louis Hébert, a successful botanist and apothecary with an extensive knowledge of herbs and medicines. Cannabis was a commodity across the world at the time, because it was used for food, medicine, ropes, and sails. The industry especially thrived and “came of age” in Nova Scotia in the 1800s, when the Nova Scotia Medical Association recommended cannabis for good health and better sex. At the time, Dr. F.W. Goodwin was the President of the Association, so he advocated for legalization and even lectured the Medical Society of Nova Scotia. By 2000, more Canadians were joining this fight to advocate for the drug because the Marijuana Party of Nova Scotia formed with the legalization platform. Now, Nova Scotia and all of Canada is moving toward marijuana legalization.


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