The History of Marijuana in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has been fighting for marijuana decriminalization for over twenty years, as early as 1997, with the introduction of a decriminalization bill.  State legislator Timothy Robertson sponsored this bill, but it failed to pass, so his fight for marijuana was really just beginning, "I just think prohibition doesn't work.” This first bill was supported by a number of state studies examining the effects of marijuana, so by the next year Robertson had introduced another bill that sought to legalize medical marijuana. The medical marijuana program bill didn’t pass until 2013, when the state allowed seriously ill patients to consume medical cannabis.

Cancer patient Linda Horan became the first person in New Hampshire to receive a medical marijuana card when she sued the state. Since the medical marijuana law passed in 2013, the program was slow to rollout, which gave Horan reason to sue New Hampshire, because the state had an obligation to give her a card. The court agreed that the law intended to provide medicine for patients quickly, and the state had no legal grounds not to issue ID cards, so Horan finally received her card. Now, the state is again making progress as it decriminalizes marijuana.


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