Idaho is known as one of the  last two states with no medical marijuana law of any kind. The state is actually one of only two remaining states whose laws don’t even recognize medical cannabis in any way. Idaho has a history restricting the drug as early as 1927, when the state outlawed marijuana amidst the nationwide prohibition trend. This is also when Mexican laborers arrived in Idaho, since the root of this push to outlaw marijuana was caused by a fear of Mexicans.

The Mayor of Boise, Idaho, at that time, Walter F. Hansen, expressed his fears, “The Mexican beet field workers have introduced a new problem-the smoking in cigarettes or pipes of marihuana or grifo. Its use is as demoralizing as the use of narcotics. Smoking grifo is quite prevalent along the Oregon Short Line Railroad; and Idaho has no law to cope with the use and spread of this dangerous drug.” Idaho residents feared the different cultures that came with these workers, so the state still remains one of the most limited states in terms of cannabis, with the help of Governor Butch Otter, who vetoed a bill that would have protected patients from medical marijuana convictions while undermining legalization laws in other states.