The History of Marijuana in Florida

Florida is known for its beautiful weather and natural beauty where everything blooms, but now it’s making headlines for its marijuana laws.The plant didn’t completely make its way to Florida because the state banned the drug. After alcohol prohibition, marijuana became a target when it was added to the list of narcotic drugs, “...coca leaves, opium, cannabis and every substance neither chemically nor physically distinguishable from them.” Florida became the first state to pass the Uniform State Narcotic Act when pressured by the public seeking relief from Reefer Madness propaganda.

Now, Florida marijuana laws are moving in another direction, seeking to help patients in need of medical marijuana. In 2014, Florida started making an effort with the introduction of Amendment 2, which sought to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Even with almost 90% support of medical marijuana, the measure did not pass until 2016 by a margin of 71.3%. As of June 23, 2017, Governor Rick Scott signed into law Senate Bill 8A, the implementation bill for Amendment 2. The bill includes 10 new licensed growers in the state in addition to the seven that already exist, plus another four to be issued for every 100,000 patients added to the state’s medical marijuana registry. Now the future of marijuana is looking just as bright as the Sunshine State itself.


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