The History of Marijuana in British Columbia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hopes to legalize marijuana in all of Canada by July 2018. Even though the country is still waiting on the legislation, many individual provinces practice and experience their own cannabis laws, and they certainly can continue doing so once the law passes. British Columbia is among one of the provinces that has introduced cannabis law, as it has a history with the drug that dates back to 1907.

During this time, the Asiatic Exclusion League led a riot through Vancouver’s Chinatown, which ultimately helped form the Opium Act of 1908. Though it wasn’t included in the law, cannabis was added to the evolved Opium and Narcotic Drug Act in 1923, which prohibits the use of cannabis. This law certainly didn’t stop British Columbia from consuming and producing cannabis though, because in 2004, 90% of the marijuana grown in Canada went to the United States and one of the featured brands was BC Bud, which was grown in British Columbia. The province is also known for having marijuana shops, which may be why British Columbia has become synonymous with the high-grade marijuana grown throughout Canada. British Columbia is just like any other province though, so it too waits for Canada to legalize marijuana.


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