The Highlight: Monica Lo's @SousWeed Is Taking Edibles to the Next Level

Monica Lo is a photographer and creative director working to change public perception of cannabis users with her company Sous Weed. Lo first started Sous Weed when she needed cannabis to manage her pain, but she also needed to be discreet about cooking, smoking, or using. At first, this started as a passion project for Lo to document her cannabis creations using the sous vide method. Sous vide refers to the process of placing your food in a bag or airtight jar, and then cooking it at a precise temperature in a pot of water, which Lo used to infuse oil. Now, Sous Weed encourages and empowers consumers to make their own infusions, so they have all the freedom to dose their own snacks and meals to their own personal preference. In this episode of The Highlight, Lo shares her story of how Sous Weed and her photography continues to change how people look at cannabis.

The Highlight is Civilized's  weekly cannabis show that features different personalities, celebrities, influencers, content creators, artists, and filmmakers in the cannabis space. We will introduce a new cannabis influencer every week to share their story, which led them to create content on the web and social media for the cannabis industry.


One of the most exciting elements of cannabis legalization are the women-led companies that are developing infused products for women’s bodies. From Whoopi & Maya’s PMS-treating balms and bath salts in California to 48 North’s big plans for beauty products and topicals in Canada, entrepreneurs are creating weed-infused products for women, by women. And they’re pretty damn good.