The Highlight with Stoned Tim

Tim Maly, perhaps better known as Stoned Tim, is a "weedtuber" and filmmaker living in Denver by way of North Dakota. No surprise, the creator of the Youtube channel Stoned Alone finds Colorado to be "much chiller" than his home state, where he was arrested for simple possession of cannabis — a plant which is now among his greatest inspirations. For Tim, cannabis boosts his creativity, and makes everything overall more enjoyable ("I just love everything more when it comes to cannabis involved in it," he says). Having taken his craft across the world, from at home in the States to his mother's birthplace in Taiwan, Tim's filmic, vlog style has earned him a reputation for unique editing sequences and angles. As cannabis culture evolves — and as the stigma surrounding consumers fades away — those like Tim are disproving the stereotype of what he calls the deadbeat stoner, even if he does while stoned. 


I remember seeing Pineapple Express in theaters right when it was released. I was 17 at the time, and my friend Dan and I took some edibles an hour before the screening. Midway through, they hit, and I could not stop laughing.

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