Meet The Guys Behind 420 Science

Back in 2004, 420 Science was born when founder Gary Kanning put a friend's headshop logo on stash jars to create a quality storage solution that expressed style, and could be relied on to keep his bud fresh. After growing the 420 Jars line for a few years, it was time for 420 Science to branch out to content creation. In 2008, 420 Science launched its YouTube channel "420 Science Club" for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy weekly weed content. The 420 Science Club creates videos about their full line of products and other fun stuff from the cannabis industry while traveling and smoking flower. This episode of "The Highlight" shares this story of how the 420 Science Club began creating content for other cannabis enthusiasts.

"The Highlight" is Civilized's  weekly cannabis show that features different personalities, celebrities, influencers, content creators, artists, and filmmakers in the cannabis space. We will introduce a new cannabis influencer every week to share their story, which led them to create content on the web and social media for the cannabis industry.



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