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The Green Solution To Celebrate International Beer Day With Cannabis-Infused Root Beer

The Colorado-based marijuana dispensary chain The Green Solution announced Wednesday that they will be toasting International Beer Day with a NectarBee root beer, a cannabis-infused soft drink that will be available at a reduced price from Wednesday, August 1st until the 3rd.

The soda, while infused with cannabis, will retain that old-fashioned root beer taste, the company assured in a press release - only it’ll get you high. The drink is available in 12-ounce bottles that deliver a single 10 mg dose of THC.

With 15 dispensaries statewide, The Green Solution is one of largest dispensary chains in Colorado. Offering more than 50 different strains of cannabis, along with a large catalogue of edibles, concentrates and other marijuana-related products, the company has quickly developed itself into a major industry player in the field of regulated cannabis.

This brand of fun, unique promotion displays the tremendous growth in the industry’s ability to market itself, all while showing that cannabis can be as recognizable a part of Americana as, well, root beer.

If you’re in Colorado, you can pick one up for a penny…with a purchase of $50 or more, which, considering what they have in stock, shouldn’t be too hard to accrue.


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