'The Godfather' Director Francis Ford Coppola Is Launching A Cannabis Line Inspired By Italian Wine

We should probably start referring to 'The Godfather' director as Don Coppola now that he is moving into the cannabis industry. This week, Francis Ford Coppola announced a partnership with the California-based cannabis producers Humboldt Brothers to launch his own marijuana brand, called Coppola Cannabis.

Coppola's brand is highly influenced by the art of fine winemaking, with the marijuana even coming packed in a tin resembling a wine bottle. Each 'bottle' contains one gram of three different cannabis strains. Each strain has been grown at different elevations and climates to achieve distinctive flavors and properties, much in the same way winemakers meticulously decide where to grow their grapes.

"Each strain offers a unique experience that reflects the diverse Humboldt County microclimates," reads a press release from Humboldt Brother. "There is an uplifting and creative sativa-dominant strain that is cultivated at Tan Oak Farms (elevation 1,700 feet) where the climate is warm from continuous sunshine. An indica-dominant strain that relaxes the body and mind is nurtured at Benbow Farm (elevation 600 feet). And a truly hybrid experience influencing enhanced mood and focus is grown at the Salmon Creek Farm (elevation 2,400 feet) where this strain benefits from cooler temperatures and diverse soil."

Coppola actually does know a thing or two about making great wine, as he owns several wineries located in the Sunshine State. And he says weed and wine are more similar than some people would like to believe.

"Wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature, linked by great care, terroir and temperateness," he explained via press release. "Expertise making one applies to the other."

It'll only be a matter of time before Coppola tries to get a hold of all those 'The Godfather' inspired strain names. Cannoli Kush, anyone?

H/T: Marijuana Moment


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