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The Five Best Hikes In Delaware

There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails in Delaware, and the small Mid-Atlantic state has a lot to offer nature lovers who want to get away for a few hours or a few days. Consider taking one of the hiking trails we've chosen as some of the best in the Small Wonder based on recommendations from and the Delaware State Parks (which offer more than 100 miles of trails); enjoy!

Swamp Forest Trail
The Swamp Forest Trail in Lums Pond State Park is one of the longest hikes in Delaware and it loops through freshwater wetlands dense with maple, black cherry, oak, and sweet gum forests. Hikers follow an easy 7.5-mile path that circles the entire shoreline of Lums Pond (Delaware's largest freshwater pond) and can lose themselves for hours exploring the surrounding woodlands and wildflower fields.

Whitetail Trail

You'll hike 3 miles through meadows, mixed woodlands, and over rolling hills of White Clay Creek State Park taking the Whitetail Trail. Hikers can experience seasonal treats of New England on the Whitetail Trail, such as snacking on blackberries, seeing tulips in bloom, and classic scenes of fall foliage.

Beach Trail at Cape Henlopen State Park
There is a fairly easy 4.6-mile hiking trail along the Atlantic Coast beach in Cape Henlopen State Park that runs between Gordon's Pond and Cape Henlopen. In addition to the ever-changing coastline, a variety of seabirds, and scenes of Delaware Bay, you'll get to see old military bunkers from WWII hiking along this beachfront.

Northern Delaware Greenway
You can hike the entire 10.4 miles of the Northern Delaware Greenway, which links several trails through state, county, and municipal parks in New Castle County, or just do portions. The Northern Delaware Greenway treats hikers to some of Delaware's most beautiful landscapes, including the the Brandywine River and Alapocas Woods.

Junction and Breakwater Trail
The Junction and Breakwater Trail is a scenic 5-mile hike through Holland Glade in Cape Henlopen State Park that follows the old Pen Central railroad path between Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. Hikers traverse several landscapes, ranging from farm fields, glades, and marshland to coastal conifer forests and the ocean shore, and get great opportunities to see coastal birds, raptors, and other animal life.


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