The Doomsday Vault Has 21,500 Cannabis Seeds

The medicinal value of cannabis is still a hotly contested idea in North America, but enough countries see its value to send along some seeds to the doomsday seed vault in Norway.

According to analysis by, researchers from 17 countries (including North Korea) who are preparing to replant the earth's flora in the event of a worldwide catastrophe have collected 21,500 cannabis seeds - including 31 strains of marijuana and eight strains of hemp.

There are more cannabis seeds than asparagus, blueberry or raspberry seeds.

But the U.S. is notably absent from this project to preserve cannabis seeds for future use. Here's a picture of all the seeds collected from America:



Not. A. Single. Seed. (Don't let the tumbleweed fool you.)

Unless this changes, the future looks grim for American weed. Actually, it kind of looks like that barren landscape.

Or as puts it, also in a humorous way befitting the "doomsday" scenario:

"...perhaps some master cultivators from California, Colorado or elsewhere will take on the task of sending premium Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Jack Herer or O.G. Kush seeds to Svalbard's vault to prevent those strains from being lost forever in the event of a zombie attack, alien invasion, nuclear war, asteroid impact or other apocalyptic scenario."

h/t, Boston Globe


The conversation surrounding cannabis edibles continues to be dominated by fears over overdosing. You’ll often hear horror stories about people eating too much and then having a terrible, sometimes nightmarish experience. And yet, edibles remain an extremely popular method of consuming cannabis.

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