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The DEA is Looking for Someone to Help Them Light Up 896,000 Joints an Hour — Sort Of

The US Drug Enforcement Administration recently posted a contracting notice looking for someone in Arizona that can help the federal agency destroy a whole lot of weed.

How much weed exactly? The DEA says a successful candidate would be able to incinerate 1,000 pounds of the stuff an hour for a minimum of eight consecutive hours a day. That's approximately the equivalent of 896,000 typical half-gram joints being burned each hour. To put that in perspective, that's enough weed to give every person in San Fransisco a joint every hour—so no, you probably couldn't just smoke it all yourself.

Besides, there are other criteria that the chosen incineration facility must meet before they get the 'privilege' to destroy all this weed. The facility must have a fence tall enough to prevent curious onlookers seeing what's going on in there, and all employees will need to have up-to-date criminal background checks and undergo annual drug testing. And the pot must be absolutely destroyed.

"The integrity of the destruction process shall be such that the material to be destroyed cannot be redirected or retrieved once it is committed to destruction," the DEA notice says.

Besides, it looks like the lucky winner has already been picked out by the DEA. The only facility that appears to be close enough to the Texas towns of McAllen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and Eagle Pass - where the to-be-destroyed weed is presumably being stockpiled - is Tucson Iron & Metal.

So, if South Tuscon suddenly smells like everybody in the city is smoking marijuana all at once, this is why.

h/t Quartz


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