'The Daily Show' Portrays What Marijuana Commercials Would Look Like on TV

Earlier this week it came out that CBS rejected a marijuana ad for the upcoming Super Bowl. Obviously this upset many people and became a huge discussion among many news outlets. So obviously The Daily Show had to comment.

The Daily Show ran a segment about CBS rejecting the marijuana commercial, and while they criticized CBS and the NFL for their anti-cannabis views, they decided to try to offer a solution. So they created their own marijuana commercial to run on TV that includes a list of weed's side effects, the same way you see on pharmaceutical commercials. Here's a look at their ad:

That's pretty good. In fact, real marijuana commercials should follow in similar footsteps. Maybe they could include side effects such as, "Not overdosing."

We'd love to see CBS' response if a Big Pharma came to them with an opioids ad for the Super Bowl. They'd probably cash that check before they even saw the commercial.

(h/t The Wrap)


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