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The City of West Hollywood Pioneers Cannabis Consumption Lounges

The city of West Hollywood has announced the approved licensees for onsite cannabis consumption lounges and cafés, where customers can consume cannabis in a permitted, public location. This news falls in line with the city's progressive history with cannabis policy, having pioneered the licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries nearly two decades ago.

What's more, the policy will even allow cannabis chefs to prepare infused dishes on site. 

“The City was very impressed by the quality and caliber of the applications we received, many of the businesses are unique, innovative, and world class," reads a public statement from the City of West Hollywood. "The range of visions among the approved applicants reflect an entirely new era of integrated marketplaces, consumption lounges and cafes, cannabis restaurants, and immersive experiences; all of which go far beyond models currently seen in the State, or even the world. We believe these business will set West Hollywood apart and solidify the future success of the cannabis industry in the City.” 

The city approved two kinds of consumption lounge applicants: one kind was only for edibles, while the other was for smoking, vaping, and edibles. In the coming months, locals may want to look out for some of the winning companies, including those like The Artist Tree, The Antidote Restaurant, Aeon West Hollywood, and Flora Flora. 

Photo courtesy of MikeJeroch 


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