The Chinese Marketing Campaign for ‘Venom’ Is Adorable

While we’re constantly inundated with new promotional material for the slew of upcoming superhero movies, every once in a while, something genuinely interesting will slip through the cracks and catch our attention. 

Take, for instance, these adorable images posted to the popular Chinese microblogging site Weibo last week, in support of the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off ‘Venom.’ 


The brightly-colored drawings depict the space goo-covered monster as an equally unrealistic caricature of a helpful, caring boyfriend.

This is markedly better than the film’s current US marketing campaign, which involves promotional tie-in songs from Eminem, and deals with Wal-Mart to "Venomize" DVD packaging, because apparently it’s still 2005.

As left-field as this may appear to be, it’s only adding to the already inconsistent promotional campaign for the film, which has seen its star, Tom Hardy, claim inspiration for the character in everything from Woody Allen to ‘Ren & Stimpy' - and even a couple of things that aren’t mired in sexual misconduct allegations.

Honestly these excellent promotional drawings just make us wish we were getting a cute, Ghibli-style animated Venom film rather than the dour, dumb and unpleasant travesty we’re likely going to get instead. Come on, Disney, put the pressure on Sony and get this done.

Check out the rest of these these wonderful posters below.


h/t Slashfilm


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