Are There Any Jobs Robots Won't Take?

Starship Technologies is changing food delivery service with their new robots. On March 23rd, DoorDash began using robots to replace their human couriers. So now, these small, six-wheeled robots are delivery food in as little as 15 minutes. The self-driving robots are currently delivery food from restaurants in Redwood City, California to customers within a two-mile radius. Starship Technologies is hoping that this new service makes on-demand food delivery quicker and more efficient in congested urban areas, where driving is the challenge. In February however, similar robot couriers were seen driving around San Francisco, California in February from their competitor company Dispatch.


After a battery of tests and misdiagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease twelve years ago, and thus began a long battle with trial-and-error medical treatments. I changed my diet several times, even though my doctors didn’t seem confident it would change much (it didn’t), went to physical therapy for pain-related issues, and took so many different pharmaceuticals I can’t even begin to recall each and every one. My days were foggy due to side effects from pharmaceuticals, such as steroids, that made me feel worse than I did before I even took them.

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