The Case Of The Exploding Headphones

First it was the Samsung Galaxy S7, then Mercedes Benz, and now headphones. On a recent flight from China to Australia, a passenger, whose identity is still unknown, fell asleep listening to music in her battery-powered headphones. When she woke up two hours later, it was to the sounds of an explosion. When she went to turn around, she felt her face burning, she then threw the headphones to the ground for the flight attendants to pour water over, which left them stuck to the floor. Other passengers had to smell the fumes of burnt plastic and hair for the remainder of the flight.  


Though it can be hard to follow the the roller coaster ride that is keeping up with the cannabis stock market, Thomas George of Grizzle breaks it down for us simply and clearly. In the latest episode of All Time Highs, we get the lowdown on Aurora, one of the most expensive cannabis stocks, an update on Canopy's earnings, and intel on Aphria's past fraud allegations. Now in the clear, it may only be a matter of time before Aphria catches up.

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