5 Great Things About Old-School Marijuana

Cannabis is stronger than ever: dense, white-THC-crystal dusted buds grown in carefully controlled lighting conditions, the product of years of genetic research, are the way the industry seems to be going.

These Frankenbuds are a far cry from the brown, stemmy, seed-y shake de rigueur just a few short decades ago.

But unless you're some wide-eyed pot tourist looking to get as high as possible in the shortest amount of time, there's a case to be made for a milder, slower burn. As Vice has reported, many longer-term cannabis consumers prefer weed that's a little less intense.

Here are five reasons you can feel good about your love of milder, "mediocre" marijuana.

1. It's manageable

A single run-in with intense weed paranoia a la Maureen Dowd or this poor guy can turn people off for life - and even the most seasoned user doesn't want to get so lit they can't feel their hands/can't interact with people/temporarily forget how to read. Old-fashioned home-grown chills you out, but stills lets you function.

2. It's cost-effective

Tons of people are willing to pay top price for super-engineered buds with a 25 percent THC content. Even product that's around the average current THC content in Colorado, 15 to 17%, costs a pretty penny and isn't to be taken lightly. Schwag, on the other hand, sets you back a mere fraction of the price. With those savings, you can try new strains, stretch it out longer, buy bulk and cook with it, or spend that cash on other fun things.

3. It keeps the party going

Bantering, listening to music, and passing joints is one of life's great joys. And if nobody can bring themselves to take more than a couple of puffs, the relaxed, good-time vibe gets curtailed. Rolling less-potent spliffs keeps up the festivities all day - and you can even have a few drinks, to boot, without any ill-effects.

4. It feels good.

We're doing this because we enjoy it, right? So if you prefer the happier, more chilled-out high of old-school weed than the head-explodingly-intense space-age mystical stuff, go with it. You like what you like.

5. It's nostalgic

There's something magical about the olfactory memory of your first joint. Old-school cannabis tastes as familiar and comforting as home-baked chocolate chip cookies - speaking of which, get us some of those, wouldja?

h/t Vice


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