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'A Lot Of Us Are Flying Blind': New Cannabis Podcast Feeds Industry 'Hungry' For Data

If you ask Claire Kaufmann, people at all levels of the cannabis industry are hungry – hungry for data, that is.

“There’s a lot of anecdotal data in the industry right now, and [I don’t mean to] pooh-pooh that because that is legitimate data,” says Kaufmann, a regional director of the cannabis market research and data analytics firm, BDS Analytics.

“But I think the industry overall and the investor community and even the public are really hungry for… real, tangible data about the emerging cannabis industry.”

Enter In The Weeds, a new podcast co-hosted by Kaufmann and Douglas Brown of cannabis communications firm Contact High, which aims to “connect the dots between data and business [in the cannabis industry.]”  

“A lot of us are flying blind, just running and gunning building businesses, and we don’t have the time to talk with our peers about the many facets of our work and industry,” said Brown in a press release ahead of the podcast’s launch.

“We hope 'In The Weeds' helps us all make more powerful and informed business decisions.”

Developed by BDS Analytics, Contact High and The Cannabis Marketing Lab, the podcast will dissect new insights on the industry with the help of market professionals with a wide range of expertise.

“Each of our podcasts starts with a kernel of data that we’ve uncovered in the market,” Kaufmann told Civilized.

“Whether that be the emerging trend of micro-dosing, or how a business’s merchandising is driving their sales, we help translate these real data insights into tactics that entrepreneurs can use every day.”

The podcast’s target audience, says Kaufmann, includes “industry professionals, business owners and maybe even investors.” Her hope is to have it act as a platform for valuable, in-depth discussions that haven’t necessarily been entertained before.

“If you’re going to be developing a brand, if you’re going to be developing a voice, it makes sense to validate that the demographic and the sales data you need to create a successful company. Otherwise you risk developing something that is very pretty but not necessarily strategic,” she says.

“It’s about having an ear to the ground and looking for the trends that people in the industry are talking about and bringing data into those conversations.”

Each episode of 'In The Weeds' is set to be available for downloading by 11 a.m. PST on Tuesdays, and can be accessed here. The first episode, an interview about dispensary sales strategies with retail guru Greg Shoenfeld, is now online, .


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