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The 'Canna Bowl' Offers An Innovative Networking Strategy To Help Brands Connect

Fore Twenty Sports offers a cannabis networking event like none other. It's called the Canna Bowl, a bowling tournament that brings together cannabis producers, processors, and dispensaries in the lanes of Portland, Oregon.


"We wanted to create an event that would bring the industry out for a big ol’ party. Everyone loves bowling, so we figured that would be the perfect backdrop!” said Canna Bowl co-organizer Stephen Gold, who is also the co-owner of The Daily Leaf. “The events Fore Twenty Sports put on… unite the individuals who are working hard behind-the-scenes. Most times, budtenders do not get that much face time with a brand unless it is at their dispensary. Canna Bowl allows for budtenders and brands to mingle for a day of fun,” he added.

The second annual Canna Bowl was held earlier this month at Portland's Grand Central Bowling Lounge. It was the ideal space for cannabis professionals to geek out over vibrating vape pens, passionfruit chocolates and 100 percent unbleached true hemp rolling papers. While knocking the pins around, they also discussed the latest trends in cannabis cultivation - like which nutrients yield the best crop and how to perfect CO2 extraction methods.


And those who weren't interested in bowling could check out the upper level, which housed DJ George (a.k.a. 'The Mixologist') as well as free arcade games and booths showcasing a wide range of cannabis products and services.

Attendees were impressed with how Fore Twenty Sports made networking fun. “With so many cannabis events out there to attend, Fore Twenty Sports set themselves apart with super fun events that allow for lots of one-on-one conversations with leaders in the cannabis industry,” said Jamie Painter of the Caputo Group.

But there was more at stake than business opportunities for the serious bowlers who were vying for first place in the tournament, which came with a $1,000 prize.


As we moved into the final round of the bowling tournament between Canna Bowl sponsor Truly Pure and Rogue River Family Farms, the interactions around the room had shifted. People that had been complete strangers just a few hours prior were exchanging hugs, phone numbers, business cards, and setting dates in their calendars to get together and talk some serious shop and collaboration.

As the final numbers were tallied, one man dressed in blue and black with the Truly Pure logo on his shirt stepped up on his chair. He knew they had won and was beginning to celebrate. “Who is that guy?” I asked another person that matched his attire. “That would be the boss!” he laughed. Truly Pure had won, but they finished the tournament arm-in-arm with their bowling competitors turned friends and future business comrades.

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