'The Biggest Side Effect of Vaccines Is Fewer Dead Children,' according to Science

Vaccines aren't 100 percent risk-free, but the side effects are much safer than the risks that come with leaving children unprotected from diseases like the measles. In fact, the "biggest side effect of vaccines is fewer dead children," according to the science-savvy team at Kurzesagt, who recently compared the risks of vaccinating versus non-vaccinating children. 

So if you're still on the fence about vaccines, or you're trying to convince someone to take their kids in to get their shots, check out the above video from Kurzgesagt.


With reports of declining insect populations worldwide, or what George Monbiot calls an “insectageddon,” there is growing concern about the health of pollinators. This in turn has led to increasing interest in urban beekeeping, pollinator gardening and urban bee advocacy. Yet there is also a growing backlash against urban honey bees.

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