The Best Ways to Consume Cannabis on a Hot Day

Summer is coming to a close, so leaves and temperatures are expected to change as Fall approaches. This may take a bit longer though, because the Summer heat is still rising in some places, so many people are still flocking to the pools and staying indoors to avoid the constant sweat. When people do venture outside though, they use a number of techniques to keep cool, like staying in the shade, constantly drinking water, or getting high. Smoking a joint is not the best strategy to get high while also trying to cool down, but fortunately, there are alternative ways to consume marijuana on a hot day.

First, one of the best ways to consume cannabis on a hot day is a classic Summer cooling method, a tall glass of lemonade. Now that there are so many marijuana products available, cannabis-infused beverages is one of them, including Cannabis Quencher’s Lemonade, which contains 200 milligrams of THC, sure to keep users high and cool. Some experts may argue that drinking a hot beverage is actually more successful in cooling down the human body on a hot day, so drinking a cannabis-infused coffee or hot chocolate might be best to help cool down from the blazing sun. When these marijuana products and cooling techniques fail, the best way to cool down is with everyone’s favorite treat, ice cream, because cannabis-infused ice cream exists.   


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