The Best Types of Weed for People Who Want to Stay In

If you're getting ready to enjoy a relaxing night in, you're probably wondering which marijuana strains will be best for the evening. The best types of weed for people who want to stay in varies depending on one's ambitions for the evening, but indica strains are usually favored by men and women who want to unwind at home. However, everyone experiences the effects of cannabis differently, and potent indicas can sometimes exacerbate (or induce) anxious feelings or paranoia. To help guide your choices we've listed some of the best types of weed for people who want to stay in, relax, and enjoy their time at home.

1. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that helps people who want to stay in achieve a relaxed state of euphoria. It's known for its sweet berry aroma and ability to induce strong mental and physical effects without heavy sedation.

2. White Widow helps people who want to stay in enjoy bursts of creativity and long-lasting relief from anxiety or depression. It's a well-balanced blend of a South Indian indica and Brazilian sativa strains that produces flowers with an odor of fresh, damp earth.

3. Granddaddy Purple is a relaxing indica that helps people staying in experience full-body relief from tension and anxiety as well as psychoactive cerebral effects. It has oversized, purple-hued flowers that smell of sweet berries and grapes. 

4. OG Kush is a pungent hybrid that smells of sour lemons and pine and is popular among those seeking relief from migraines, anxiety, or PTSD. People who want to stay in use this strain to have a relaxing, stress-free cerebral experience while keeping their ability to focus. 

5. Girl Scout Cookies is a good choice for people who want to stay in and take a break from stress and stimuli. This hybrid produces twisting green flowers that are covered in bright orange hairs and emit a sweet, enticing scent.

6. Northern Lights is a well-known indica strain that produces resinous buds that smell sweet and spicy. People who want to stay in usually enjoy this strain for its ability to induce relaxation, euphoria, and creativity before a deep, restful sleep.


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