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The Best Places to Store Marijuana

We all know there are places you should store marijuana and there are places you should never store marijuana. It can be downright dangerous for pets and little humans for marijuana to be unsecured. And it can be dangerous to your freedom if you find yourself traveling or in another country with your legal marijuana. So take our advice, and do your best at always keeping your cannabis in a secure location. 

best places to store marijuana

(This is a joke, don't store your marijuana in your circulatory system if you're in a place where you might get in trouble for that.)


There are so many strains of marijuana available it can be nearly impossible to figure out which one is right for you. And sure, a knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we think we've figured out a better method for choosing a marijuana strain. Take our quiz below to find out which cannabis strain is your true soulmate.

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