If you took a vacation from Twitter last weekend, you're probably wondering why today's water-cooler talk is buzzing about #trudeaueulogies - the viral hashtag created to skewer Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his remarks following Fidel Castro's death last Friday.

Some consider the Cuban leader a brutal dictator, but Trudeau called Castro a "legendary revolutionary and orator" who "made significant improvements to the education and healthcare" and showed "tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people" during his decades in power.

The Twittersphere responded to Trudeau's tribute by offering takes on how the prime minister would remember other controversial political figures - real and fictional. Here is the very best of #trudeaueulogies

Darth Vader's New Deal

Jack the Ripper's Urban Renewal

Pablo Escobar's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hitler's Animal Rights Activism

Stalin's Fitness Program

Mussolini's Commuter Crusade

General Tojo's Pearl Harbor Gambit

Bin Laden's Safer Skies


Mr Burns's Diabetes Campaign

Pontius Pilate's Peacekeeping 

Hans Gruber's Diehard Activism


Banner image: Vitaliy Holovin / Shutterstock.com