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The Best Of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Drunk Donald Trump'

If you haven't been watching Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently, then you've been missing out on one of the best election-themed spoofs of the year: "Drunk Donald Trump," a series of real soundbites that have been slowed down and distorted just enough to make the Republican nominee sound inebriated. Of course the scary thing is that many sound just as crazy at normal speed.

Check out this gallery of the best of Drunk Trump. 

1. Sitting Alone

Trump's rant about sitting by himself sounds like it might've been cribbed from a Eugene O'Neill play.


2. Naps

Donald Trump once criticized Hillary Clinton for allegedly napping on the campaign trail. But Kimmel's remix of the clip makes Trump sound like a pouty toddler about to nod off.


3. Jobs

What's Drunk Trump's plan for the economy? Yelling "JOBS!" And that's about as much detail as you'll find in the nominee's plans to fix the economy. 


4. Hillary's Emails

Donald Trump likes to harp on Hillary Clinton about her emails, but it doesn't sound like he knows what the scandals really about. Yoga and a wedding?


5. Drunk Debate

The first debate somehow makes more sense when the candidates seem drunk.


6. Planes

The Drunk Trump campaign slogan should be "See that plane?!"


7. Crazy Bernie

Drunk Trump offers some backhanded praise for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (a.k.a. "Crazy Bernie").


8. Horseback Riding 

At some point during a rally, Trump suggested the crowd ditch the event and go horseback riding instead.


9. Drunk Giuliani

To mix things up, Kimmel has also slowed down Trump supporters like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. His clip seems normal at first. Then he turns into a caricature of Hunter S. Thompson.


10. Mosquitos 

Drunk Trump has some tough talk for mosquitos.


BONUS: Coked Up Trump

After the success of Drunk Trump, Kimmel launched a spin-off series called Coked Up Trump, which speeds up clips of the Republican nominee. Here's a frantic Donald denying allegations that he got in Hillary Clinton's personal space during the second debate.


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