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The Best Dispensaries in New Hampshire

In 2013, New Hampshire joined a trend that saw states across the New England region embrace legalized medicinal marijuana. Since then the state has seen a number of dispensaries pop up. So which are the best dispensaries in New Hampshire?

Actually, as of this writing New Hampshire only has four dispensaries, two of which are part of a regional chain. This being the case, instead of doing our usual roundup of the state’s ten best, we’ll take a look at what people are saying about New Hampshire’s rather limited number of weed retailers.

The Best Dispensaries in New Hampshire

1. Sanctuary ATC – Plymouth

According to customers, Sanctuary ATC is all about patient education, with lifetime pot smokers reporting that they learn something new every time they visit the shop. The dispensary has also been praised for its friendly service, comfortable space, and top quality products. 

2. Prime Alternative Treatment Centers – Merrimack

Known for its expansive collection of glass and various smoking tools, the dispensary also has a reputation for offering knowledgeable, friendly service along with a comfortable, hip atmosphere.

3. Temescal Wellness – Lebanon

Praised for its compassionate, helpful staff and outstanding selection. Customers also appreciate its Patient Affordability Program for those who need assistance with covering the cost of their medicine. 

4. Temescal Wellness – Dover

A number of positive words come up again and again when people discuss this branch of Temescal, such as knowledgeable, helpful, caring, and quality.


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