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The Cost To Operate The 'Star Wars' Death Star Would Be Staggering

As one might expect, operating a starbase with a super-laser capable of annihilating an entire planet doesn’t come cheap.

British energy supplier Ovo has calculated how much it would cost to run the Death Star, which will return to theatres on Dec. 16 with the latest instalment in the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One.  

That price tag is $7.8-octillion per day – or $7,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

In (somewhat) more digestible terms, that’s 100 trillion times the $70 trillion annual global economic activity of Earth

Ovo’s analysis, conducted with physics blogger Stephen Skolnick and mathematics professor Alexander Barnett, took into account a number of big-ticket items on the Death Star; including $52-billion per day for lighting and $200-million per round of laundry.

Of course, it’s that giant life-destroying laser that sucks up the most in terms of operating costs. The laser would require a power source three times more powerful than the sun to recharge, which would cost almost $8-octillion a pop.

Thankfully, the Death Star’s income isn’t inconsequential, either. At its peak, the Galactic Empire controlled 1.5 million core worlds and 69 million colonies under one centrally planned economy. But even in the unlikely case that all 70 million of those worlds are as productive as today’s Earth, their total annual output would still only come to about half-sextillion.

In other words, the Death Star would mean almost certain bankruptcy for the Imperial economy. Bummer. 

h/t Fortune.

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