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The Air Force Is Apparently Not Very Impressed With Elon Musk Smoking Pot

Elon Musk's recent appearance on the 'Joe Rogan Experience' may have put the tech baron in hot water with the US Air Force.

That backlash is just the latest setback for Musk. In recent weeks, the stock prices for Tesla have drastically fallen, the company has bled high-ranking employees, and Musk's series of strange tweets and public comments have left onlookers questioning the CEO's leadership. Now you can add the American military to Musk's growing list of critics.

The Air Force is now investigating Musk's cannabis use after the tech magnate appeared on an episode of the 'Joe Rogan Experience' and smoked a joint with the show's namesake. That choice that may have bigger ramifications for Musk than he realized, according to CNBC.

"The issue here apparently is that [aerospace manufacturer] SpaceX - remember where he is also CEO - is a government contractor and marijuana use would be prohibited for those with government security clearance," CNBC reported.

The potential fallout from the pot smoking incident doesn't stop with the US Air Force either. One could argue that Musk was representing any one of his several businesses during the podcast. Which means he was violating company policies that require personnel to abstain from any inebriating substance while on the job.

Moving forward, maybe Mr. Musk should consider not doing any of his own PR.


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