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The Black Dahlia Presents: Afternoon Delight

Working with the biggest brands in cannabis, Little Face creator and Black Dahlia curator Katie Partlow shows us a sneak peek inside at one of her private, invite-only cultural events at the Sowden House in Hollywood, CA. Presented by The Black Dahlia,  Afternoon Delight is a "choose-your-own adventure" series of events featuring artists, musicians, food prepared by local chefs and healers to help promote the relaxing afternoon. Rebel Cookie Company is one of the many brands that attended the event, serving macarons with 6 milligrams of THC. Holden Jagger, one of our favorite cannabis chefs, was also at the event preparing buttermilk biscuits and fried chicken covered in terpene honey aioli.  If you were watching your calories, our friends at Hemper were also on hand with a custom dab bar. Another special treat was the Cannabis Cultivator demonstration with live plants ready to be harvested for guests to take home, trim, and cure themselves. Watch the video for more and look for a hint at how you can get invited to one of her exclusive soirees!


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