The 8 Weirdest City Names In America

Summer is upon us, which means that it’s time to travel, explore, and most importantly, go on vacation. Rather than taking a typical vacation to a tropical island, there’s so much more to explore just by staying in the United States and packing up the car for a road trip across the country. As you drive through a number of towns and cities, you’ll pass by some of the most weirdest and unique city names that certainly don’t read as city names. When searching for the origin of these cities and towns, you might come up with Nothing, Arizona or Zero, Montana, but there’s no need to Panic, Pennsylvania about it.

First, when driving through Alabama, be sure to spray some extra bug spray when passing through Scratch Ankle. The town got its name when churchgoers passing by in their carriages noticed that all the people sitting on their porches were scratching their ankles from mosquito bites. Drive a bit north and you’ll hit Tennessee where you’ll pass Suck-Egg Hollow. The origin of this name comes from a local egg farmer who shot every animal that approached his hen house until he realized black snakes were swallowing his eggs, hence Suck-Egg Hollow.


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