The 6 Rarest Marijuana Strains Ever

As commercial cannabis continues to grow, hybrids and high potency strains are becoming more popular due to a high demand for more THC. While hybrid popularity is increasing, the number of new strains being produced is also growing. The industry is growing so fast that it seems like a new strain is introduced every week. Due to this high demand for hybrids and higher potency, strains that we smoked in the 1960s are becoming rare, almost to the point where some don’t even exist anymore. Other rare strains are also becoming less available because the cannabis can only grow in certain regions.

Colombian Gold is one of these strains that was popular during the 1960s but is hard to come by today. In the ‘60s, most people were smoking leaves, stems, and seeds but Colombian Gold revolutionized that with its dense, fresh, and healthy flower buds. When consumed, it produces a classic sativa high that is both powerful and cerebral. Although Colombian Gold was the first strain smuggled out of Colombia’s Santa Marta valley into the U.S., it is rarely found in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter. Those who seek the strain have to rely on their memory of their high from the ‘60s.  


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