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The 6 Most Beautiful Dispensaries in America

Before marijuana became legalized and before dispensaries began selling legalized marijuana, cannabis consumers were forced to hit up their local weed dealers to buy some black market bud. Now that it is legalized, many dispensaries across the country have introduced their own unique way to sell cannabis. It may seem simple; show them your medical card and pick the strain you want to smoke, but dispensaries are demonstrating new ways for cannabis consumers to purchase their weed that are just as simple, but more of a heightened experience. Some of these unique and innovative dispensaries inhabit historic buildings and some embrace modern, ultra-minimalist spaces with lots of white-on-white color schemes.

The Barbary Coast dispensary, located in San Francisco, California, is the definition of a beautiful dispensary. Other than providing high quality, lab-tested, clean, and potent cannabis, Barbary Coast provides an experience for its patients. First, the decor features exposed brick, mahogany accents, brass-studded bar stools, and Oriental style rugs that create a luxurious and yet relaxed environment for patients. The dispensary also features, “The most decadent pot smoking lounge in the West.” Entry into the lounge is granted with a marijuana purchase but it’s open entry when product demos are taking place in the lounge.


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