The 5 Worst Things to Do While High

Every marijuana consumer has a number of activities they enjoy, especially when they are high. There are certainly a number of activities that cannabis consumers also make a point to avoid while high though, because some of these activities may be too dangerous to enjoy while high, or some simply are just too complex to perform high. Even though every consumer has their own high experience, there are some activities that all users should definitely avoid while high.

Unless consumers also double as chefs, cooking is one of the worst things to do while high. Not only is there a constant need for sharp objects, but there is also a need for a lot of preparation and cleaning. Although it doesn’t necessarily involve food, online shopping is another example of one of the worst things to do while high. Going grocery shopping high is like going grocery shopping hungry, because you just grab anything and everything that catches your eye. When you finally leave the store, you leave at least $50 poorer, and with just random food items that don’t constitute an actual meal.


The fight to legalize cannabis nationwide should begin by helping veterans get access to medical marijuana, according to Massachusetts Representative - and 2020 presidential candidate - Seth Moulton (D). Right now, vets can't use medical marijuana without the risk of losing their Veteran's Affairs benefits, even if they live in a state that has legalized medicinal cannabis. In fact, so much as mentioning cannabis use to their doctor is enough for a vet to get their benefits stripped.

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